The Box of the Secrets




Introduction: The Box of the Secrets

you want to know what the secret of this box is do you?

it's easy and cheap
you can on the side of the box see a slide door that you can open...
see the picture and you get it

Step 1: Materials

all material is make of wood but as you want you can make it of iron of something else

you need diferent tools
and a box of nails

10 planks (a few reserve)

Step 2: The Trick

1. you make the box  with this sizes of you can choice your own sizes   (15 cm x 10 cm x 22 cm)
you know that you make 6 planks of wood 1 cm wide each . you must make a real box so you put things in it.

Step 3: The Trick (part 2)

1. you make 2 hings on a board wood that the sides of the box has see picture 1 make a hole with 3 cm long and 8 cm wide see picture 3

3. you make the FIRST soil with nails to the box see picture 2

Step 4: The Trick (last Part)

the last parts of the box are the dificults

1. first you make the things on the picture this are the most important things of the box .
they are  6 cm long

2. than you pick a plank (make sure that the plank the same size is as the side of the box with the hole
and make the same things in picture 1 again.
see picture free for the result of the plank
than make the things in picture 1 on the plank as in picture 2

3.make first the things on the box and than a plank under the box (read the yellow lines)

Step 5: The Tray

1. make the tray  this is easy do the same thing by intro but than smaller. see picture 1

2. do the tray in the box (in the hole) and move the plank with the things in the box see picture 2

and go with black paint on the box so they don't see the hidden side

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's not clear. I mean can't understand some of the instructions. Can I see a picture of a finished box? I would enjoy making something like this.

    I make these with the "secret" pull-out drawer in the back rather than in the side. If the box is up against something, the back drawer is less likely to be noticed by the casual observer unless s/he actually picks up the box.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    nice really of in het nederlands goed gedaan


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Agree of in het nederlands Inderdaad ben ik het mee eens


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    rick6213... I swear your avatar is some kind of optical illusion.