Introduction: The Cameraflash Tl Tube Driver (fluresent Tube)

When I get a new flash (disposable camera)
I will redo this Instructable
so it will be easier to read

This is a device that can power a tl tube. (fluorescent tube)
from 1 or 2 batteries depending on how bright you want it.

It can handle up to 40 wats.

this device comes from this page

I am only making the Instructable for it.

Step 1: Get Your Tools and Stuff

You will need:

1 pair of pliers
1 side cutter
1 camera (does not matter what kind, but not digital)
1 tl tube
1 soldering iron
1 hour time
1 cup of coffee

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Take the camera apart.

Keep the circuit board in 1 piece.

When you're done, throw the plastic away unles you used a flash like on the photo.

Keep the lens and other bits for other projects.  You do have a junk drawer, don't you?

Step 3: Rebuilding It

The rebuild is simple.

You cut the diode at the anode side (assuming that there is 1 diode with the bar at the cathode side).

You unsolder the flash and capacitor and that is about it.

Step 4: Wire It

Well, now comes the hard part.

1. Connect 1 wire to the part of the diode that is still on the board (not the leftover pin but the side with the white bar on it)

2. Solder the on button/switch in a permanent on position.

3. The other connection is to the pin that is connected to the discarge coil.

Step 5: Hook It Up

Try it.

1 conection to the 1 side the other on the other side (duh)

and conect the battery.

if it works it lights.

And for a bonus you could light smaller fluorescent lamps.
That is realy weird because: when you connect the sides it will only light half.
When you want it to be fully lit you have to connect the 4 wires together and use a piece of soldering-tin that is wrapped around the lamp as a starter.

It will be fully lit but sometimes it need some help.

Edit: just some funny news.  The device still works on it's first battery.   It burns every night 2-4 hours (night light for the kids) and it seems the never run dry XD.

Step 6: Experiment

Well now it is up to you  to do it.

Please send me pix.   I love that kind of stuff.

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