Introduction: The Computer Beep Prank

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This is a little computer program made in visual basic 6.
this program makes little beeps every ten seconds.
terrible for your victim.

I made the program in visual basic 6 the only way to quit this program is in taskmanager, but i've named the winsys32 so most people will not shut it down because they think it's a windows program.

you can download the .exe file or you can make your own in visual basic 6.0

Step 1: How to Add It on Your Victim's Computer

you have to place it in your victim's startup folder.
in my case it was: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Start\Programma's\Opstarten
I've got the dutch version of windows. so I don't know exactly were the startup folder is in other languages of windows.

1. go to the partition of your harddisk were you've installed windows
2. open the folder documents and Settings
3. open the folder all users
4. open the folder menu start ( this was in my case you may need to find the other name)
5. now you're going to look for the startup map (in the dutch version of windows it was named "opstarten")
6. paste the program in this folder

Step 2: How to Make It in Visual Basic 6.0

this is a very easy program to make in vb6.0
1. make a new standard EXE
2. add a timer (just drag it into your form)
3. change the interval to the amount of milliseconds you want to beep the program.
1 second = 1000 milliseconds

the project and form files are included in this download

Step 3: How to Make It Part 2

double click at the timer in your form. now the code screen appears.
at the top of the screen, above all text paste this down

Private Declare Function Beep Lib "kernel32" _
(ByVal dwFreq As Long, ByVal dwDuration As Long) As Long

then put in your timer sub the beeps you want to have:

beep 8000, 1000

in this piece of text the 8000 is the frequency in Hertz, the 1000 is the duration of the beep in milliseconds.

you can of course add more beeps and change all the things you want.

Step 4: Make It Almost Invisible

click on your form and watch the properties window at the right of your screen here you will need to make some changes.

1. change (name) to something you want if you choose some windows name thing like explorer, system, system32.

2. change Caption to the same as (name)

3. scroll down and change ShowInTaskbar to False

4. change Visible into False

5. save your project under the same name.

that's it

Step 5: Done and Other Things to Add

now you can make the EXE and have fun.

you can also add more timers and things.
you can make a timer that goes off every ten minutes and every time it goes of it wil display a message like: you've been pranked.
the code for this is

MsgBox "you've been pranked"

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