Introduction: The First Ever Knex Rubber Band Gatling Gun!

After i saw a video on youtube on how to make a lego rubber band gatling gun, i wanted to make one out of knex. I thought the entire night on how to and came up with this! I have never seen any of these on instructables ever. (P.S. this is my first knex instructable.)

Step 1: Peices

You will need:
15 yellow rods
15 red rods
6 gray rods
1 blue rod
24 green rods
5 white rods
3 white connectors
8 yellow rods
6 red connectors
10 blue snowflakes
9 purple half moons
1 gray clip
2 big wheels
2 orange connectors
5 tan clips
10 silver spacers
5 blue spacers
13 green connectors

Step 2: Build Frame

Build the frame. you can make the frame like you want because i used random peices. you dont need gears, but they make it faster.

Step 3: IMPORTANT! Build the Wheel

it may look like it wont work, but i spent a long time in upgrading the wheel.

Step 4: Put It Together

ad the wheel to the base on the middle gray rod with 2 silver spacers from the front. put four silver spacers and 2 blue spacers behind it. take the string and attach with a green rod to the orange connectors and put the wheels on the outside. Then connect the string to one of the red rods on the wheel. tie for support.

Step 5: Loading

attach a rubber band onto the front of the green and pull it back over the string, repeat as much as you can. make sure the sting is as far back on the red and the rubber band is at the bottom of the red, making sure that every rubber band you load up is above the other. this will make it work. then turn the crank and watch.

Step 6: Upgrade

you can replace the red rods with the rubber band holders and put a bendy rod in the front in the green connector holes, i shot 32 shots with about 2 shots per second like this (sry no pic)

Step 7: New Barrel Easier, More Powerful, Better

sry no pic but there is a red rod with a purple yellow connector thingy with a yellow connector at the tip. the purple connector is hooked on in the middle, the yellow at the end. they are hooked to the snowflake by green rods.