Introduction: The Gatherers Garden From Bioshock

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I decided to make the gatherers garden from bioshock for myself. I know some people have already made one but I decided to try myself. so i measured the dementions and drew the machine out. (sorry I kind of did things out of order because I was so excited about making it.)

Step 1: The Sign

I started with the sign which I made with a 1 foot 2inch diameter and 4 inches wide. I made the writing by printing it out really big and I used permanent marker to go over the letters to make it bleed through. I also put small stips of wood to round it out

Step 2: Materials

I used 2 cabinet hinges, a circular saw, a jigsaw, a sharpie/pen, 2 inches screws, a little hand saw which I just made with some electrical tape, a peice of wood and a sawzaw blade, a tape measure, a drill bit set (preferably one with a quick change attachment), and a drill. for the wood I used ply wood, 2 10 foot 1×6, about 6 1×3. and it all cost under $100

Step 3: The Bottle Shelf

I used a 4 foot strip of ply wood for the back and I spaced them out about 6inches each and screwed it in between 2 5 foot 1×6 then I set it a side until I made the skeleton

Step 4: The Skeleton

I used 2 1×6 to make the other sheves. and 3 1×3 for the back part of the skeleton.

Step 5: The Bottles

next I made the bottles which I made with a 1×6 and a jigsaw to cut them out. then I made one out of a crown royal bottle an wood. I then put punch in it. or you can put red colored water

Step 6: The Body

I put thin ply wood around the skeleton to make the body and put thin moulding around it to make the trim

Step 7: The Corners and Edges

I used pvc pipe on the corners to round it out. I cut the pvc pipe into 4 parts. I then put drywall tape on the sides to fill the gaps so I can put putty on it and fill in the cracks

Step 8: Painting It and the Door

I used white, silver, pink, and red paint for it. the door is just ply wood I cut into shapes.