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This Instructable will show you how to make the ultimate pocket sized tool. It can charge your ipod, Zune, phone, GPS or anything that runs off of a USB port. Its a flash light, and a TV Remote jammer, who doesn't want one of those right? Plus I have now added Two 5mm Blue super bright LEDs for the flashlight, and an LED Tester! PLEASE COMMENT,RATE AND VOTE FOR FOR MY INSTRUCTABLES IN THE POCKET SIZED CONTEST! THANK YOU!

Step 1: Step One, What You Will Need

Before you start, make sure you have everything needed on this list!

1. Altoids tin, $2.69
2. a cheap infrared Laser pointer from Walmart, should have a flash light built in $3-$4
3. a Minty boost kit from ADAFRUIT industries, or the the Maker Shed for $19.99 w/o shipping
4. 2 AAA battery holders, that hold two AAA each, at radioshack for $.99
5. a Paint testing/ stirring stick, or tiny piece of wood
6. a High frequency Infrared 5mm Led should look kinda dark blue, used in most remotes. $3.49
7. Hot Glue and a Hot Glue Gun about $15
8. Cheap Soldering Iron Radioshack for $8.99 comes with solder
9. 60/40 rosin core solder, should be included with the soldering Iron $6.99
10. electrical tape pick your color! $3.99
11. Led assortment pack, the best value for your buck, all different sizes, and colors for just $2.99
12. a switch I used a SPST Submini Toggle Switch from radioshack for $2.99
13. 22 gauge solid core copper hookup wire from radioshack $9.99
14. 4 AAA batteries I used recharge able at Walmart $6.99
15. a premade Tv remote jammer, I got one through selling magazines at my school for free, but you could also use a TV BGone from the makershed or ADAFRUIT Industies for $19.99 w/o shipping
16. a Drill, bits, the sizes are 4mm, and 3mm and for the switch, it depnds on what you use, but for mine, a 7mm.
17. side snips, and plyers, good for everything! and a nail...
18. Sigle sided foam tape
19. a dremel tool, quite expensive... you might want to see if any of your neighbors have one you could use, or have them use for you, and make sure it has a small grinding/cutting disc.

Step 2: Take Apart and Ready the Tv Remote Jammer!

Okay, so this step is relatively simple, all you have to do, is take off a screw located on the back of the jammer, that holds in the batteries. then take out the batteries, and split the case. Take the chip out, and unsolder the battery connections. then cut two 5 pieces of your hookup wire (I used color coded wire, IE red for + and black for -) then strip the ends, and solder them onto the board where the originals were. Then unsolder the included 3mm LED (which is crap in my opinion), note where the leads were, and resolder your new dark blue 5mm LED where the old one was. Then take some, hook up wire, and solder each of the left side of the buttons prongs together and the right sides prongs together see picture for details. Then take your switch, and attach your new positive lead from the circuit board, and solder on the the prong on the left, and take the positive from the battery holder, and solder it to the middle prong, and take your negative from the battery holder and solder it to the end of the new wire you just added to the board. then take a two more 5 hookup wires, and strip the ends, and solder on to each of the wires coming from your red 3mm led, which should come included in your led assortment pack. Add your AAA batteries to the holder, and turn the switch to the on position, and touch the wires from you new led, to where you soldered the wires from the switch and the battery holder, one to positive, and one to negative. flip them until the led turns on the mark on your led on the side with a maker, where positive is +, then solder. You are now done with the jammer!

Step 3: Ready the Flash Light

This part is actually the hardest part... First take out the batteries , then you need to take your dremel tool, and cut the laser pointer in half. the put the remaining half with the laser, and flash light, and put it in a vice, Not to tight, it is only aluminum, so it's very easy to crush. Then take your pliers, and clamp them onto the top, where you see your laser come out of, a little ways down, there is a seam, this is glued, so if you grip hard and bend it back and forth, it will come out. Then take the circuit board out and desolder the two push button switches, and save them, also take out the little rubber covers, which you see on the outside, and push on to turn on the light. there should have been a heavy duty thick aluminum holder in the cap, take this out and pull out the transparent 3mm LED, and solder another 5 wire from the white prong on the led(prong with white rubber insulator) and take it and solder it on a prong on one of the pushbutton switches you saved from the laser pointer. then on the other prong on the same side on the button switch the right or left prong depending on what side you soldered the other wire on, solder a 4 wire from there to the middle prong of the switch you used for the tv jammer. then take a 3 wire from the prong with yellow casing and and solder it to the ground on the tv jammers circuit. You're
now done!

After I made this, I changed the flash light LED to Two 5mm Blue Super bright Leds, because I've found that they are of coarse brighter, and that the 5mm ones are brighter than 3mm and also because I find that "blue" light is brighter than "White" light, but be prepared to pay $5-$7 each for these 5mm super bright blue LEDs. To do this, just take your wire from the positive of your origional LED and solder on two wires branching off one to the right and one to the left. Then solder on another wire from the negative(bottom) hole on your tv jammer, and solder the ends onto the LEDs, + to cathode(Longer Wire) and - to anode(shorter wire). then drill another 3-4 mm hole on the opposite side of your IR Led, so you have a flash light LED on the left and right of the IR LED. use some hot glue to keep the wires and LEDs in place and you'r done with the lid, so now just take your side snips, and make another cut so and bend it down out of the way, so that all of your LEDs fit and the lid closes nicely. And your done!

Step 4: Adding the Minty Boost 2.0

I used the Minty boost 2.0, because it was the newest, and says it works best with my ipod nano 4th gen, but you can use any version with this. Okay make sure you went to the instructions page at ladyADA's site, and built it correctly (plug in your ipod, to see if it works...) if it does, we now to mod it to work with my Cinnaminy boost. This is easer than you think, all you have to do is unsolder the leads that go from the AA battery holder that came with the minty boost kit, and solder on the leads from your second AAA battery holder, your now done! To make sure you did it right, put in your AAA batteries and see if it still charges your ipod. Your now done with this!

Step 5: Preparing the Tin

okay, so now take your drill, and drill a 3-4mm hold in the middle of the lid on the tin on the shorter side of the tin lid. Then take your TV Jammer and place a bead of hot glue on the back of it, and put the led right up to the hole, it should not go through very far, and stick it down on the inside of the lid. Then on the side of the tin with the hinges drill a hole about 5mm wide for your switch, Make sure it's about 1 from the end, to leave room for your minty boost. Then after that, put your red led's hole right next to your switch. and on the back, cut out an area for the usb port, about 1 from the left and cut a little wider than the usb port is, and go slightly down farther than the height of the usb port. Then right next to the infrared LED, drill a 2mm hole for your flash light's LED, and below them, make a notch about half an inch wide, and a 1/4 down from the rim of the box. Okay now make a 5-6 mm hole about 2/4-3/4 of an inch from your red LED.Sweet, you're almost done, no all you have to do is put in the electronics.

Step 6: Adding the Electronics

Okay, so you should have already added your tv jammer, so now put your switch through it's hole remove, the nut, and the washer, and stick the switch through the hole from the inside out, and add the washer and nut on the out side of the tin and tighten until it doesn't swivel around anymore., then stick your red 3mm led all the way through its hole by the switch, and use some hot glue to keep it in place. Then, take your flash lights 3mm LED and put it through it's hole, it shouldn't go through all the way, and use hot glue to hold it in place. Okay so now to the right of your tv jammer, there should be some room left, and cover all of the room that's left with electrical tape, put on about 4-5 layers, trust me you'll need it...then put in the the rubber button cover you saved from the laser pointer, and cut in half, so you have two separate rubber buttons, and stick one through it's hole. then put the pushbutton switch right behind it, push on it until it almost clicks and turns on but not quite and hold with two fingers, and excessively use hot glue to hold in place. Then hot glue in the battery holders, one going vertically, squished as far as it will go to the left of the tin, and use hot glue on the bottom of the holder, and push down back into place, and one, going sideways,(horizontal) pushed over to the left as far as it will go, it should touch the other holders side and hot glue the bottom like the last one. Okay, now use your single sided foam tape, and stick on the bottom and sides, of the right of the tin, then push your minty boost into place, it will be a tight fit, but I managed to do it, so you can too., then hot glue in the usb port as good as you can. okay this is the final step, take your paint stirring stick, and it in half in the middle of the stick, and cut out two 1" pieces from the stick, and hot glue together. then stick between the push button switch, it should put pressure on it, and the other end should touch the horizontal battery holder's side, and hot glue into place. If you did it right, everything should fit, and the pushbutton switch, should now click when pressed.

Step 7: You're Done!

Add your AAA batteries, and enjoy, the flash light will light your way, your ipod will be charged, and you can now annoy your dad, when he starts channel surfing!

Step 8: Video Proof It Works

Step 9: Optional LED Tester

okay to add an led tester, just get an 8 pin socket from radioshack, like $1.50 for two. Then take a positive(I color coded mine, to make it easier to use, Red=+ and Black=-) wire and strip the ends, and take one end, and wrap around all of the pins on one side of the socket, and solder, then do the same on the other side with your negative(black). now just solder the negative wire onto the negative on the tv jammer(the bottom pad) and the positive to the input on the toggle switch that activates the jammer, then add an excessive amount of hot glue on the bottom for insulation, and let dry, then add more to the bottom, and glue between the back side of the Mintyboost and between the left of the horizontal battery holder and the back end on the toggle switch. Then your Done!!!

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