Introduction: The Knex M21 and L96

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this is a 2 in 1 instructable because i don't want to make to instructables
this are the snipers from my forum
i used the rail from ironman on both of them
they both got the size of a yellow rod mag
they shoots around 80 too 100 feet
used a lot of pieces i don't want to order them sorry for that
first is there the m21
if you want to make the l96 go to step 7

Step 1: Plates


Step 2: Put the Plates Together


Step 3: Rest of Barrel

follow again

Step 4: Trigger ,removeable Scoop ,mag and Ram

there are
sorry for that

Step 5: The Stock


Step 6: How to Put Your Hands

give a good look to those pics before you shoot with it

Step 7: Intro Knex L69

so the l69 make this if you want
it has a retractable stock
and removeable scoop

Step 8: Parts of the L96

make all those things
the ram and the mag are from the m21

Step 9: Plates


Step 10: Put the Plates Together

follow the pics

Step 11: Insert the Mag the Stock and Trigger

there is nothing that i have to say about this step so just follow the pics

Step 12: The Barrel

it's better to tape the barrel on the white rods

Step 13: Ammo and Mag Pusher

make and add this
also add the ram

your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!