Introduction: The Lightning Bullet

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This is the lightning bullet.its catapult kind of plane (launched by rubberband)  that go over 100 ft with high speed.Even though it's fast and long ranged, it's not too stable during fligth.if you are a paper plane battler like me, than this plane is a perfect plane for:
  • long range and;
  • speed battle against other catapult plane.
                                Its my first instructables and my first contest entry.please comment if i did something wrong.

                                     This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 10

Step 1: Materials

you are going to need a pair of scissors,a piece of A4 paper, and a piece of thin rubberband

Step 2: Step 1

fold your paper in half

Step 3: Step 2

open your paper

Step 4: Step 3

fold it like in the picture

Step 5: Step 4

fold it again

Step 6: Step 5

and again

Step 7: Step 6

fold it half to the right. when you're , it should looks like in the picture.

Step 8: Step 7

cut  a 45 degree angle,11 cm from the top,at the opening part

Step 9: Step 8

open your lightning bullet

Step 10: Step 9

fold the edges to the center line,and your lightning bullet are done

Step 11: How to Fly It

place the rubber band between 2 notches (like in the picture) and make sure that you hold both of the wings from the rear, pull it and release.
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