Introduction: The Mini Stove in a Can

The title explains a big part of the Instructable. I was bored this evening so I began thinking to do something with the tons of empty cans I produce every day. It's damn cold out here so I though to make a little stove with it. It's small, easy to make, takes 5 minutes or so,handy when you go camping and just fun to make

Step 1: Materials

Things you'll need:
- a soda can
-nail or other sharp object

Step 2: Prepare the Can

Here i marked the cutting lines. Just cut the upper side of,1inche beneath the top. Keep it, you'll need it a bit later. You could use some sandpaper to get of the ink.

Step 3: Prepare the Top

Put some holes in the top piece.This will ensure good air circulation. This part of the can is the toughest so watch out!

Step 4: Puting It Together

Put the upper piece in the bottom piece. Careful with sharp edges kids! You can use a screwdriver or a stick to push it halfway into the can.

Step 5: Finish+fill

Finish the stove by bending the sharp edges inside with pliers. Make some holes for air circulation in the bottom(under the piece of can you put in there)

Ad some wood and yay !!! Warm ,lighty fire.
Be safe! I didn't yet test how long the aluminum can stand the warmth or the toxicity of the ink-fumes, never leave it unattended and keep a fire extinguisher near.
I'll update the durability of the can after some test.
Update: *First tests show that it can hold pretty long, the can still is fine and it burned for a while
  • bylerfamily had the idea the replace the wood by cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly
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