Introduction: The Noise Toy! (great for Kids! :)

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has there ever been a super quite day. do you love noise. kids do. so, i invented a really easy toy that makes a big bang. all you need is a tin, ruberband, a washer, and somthing to put a hole in the tin. i used a small nail off of my pool table. if you use a nail, use a semi-large one.

Step 1: The Holes...

first you need to make the holes. take an object and make two holes. these holes need to be as wide as the staple you use. then, put a hole in the middle of those.

Step 2: The Band of Rubber! (other Wise Know As - the Rubberband! )

next, fit the rubberband through the hole. when its almostall the way in, put in the staple. pul the rubberband thightly.

Step 3: The Ring of Metal! ( Otherwise Know As - the Washer! )

this is the final step. tie the washer onto the rubberband. this may be a little trick heres how to do it:
1. put it through the middle of the washer
2. tie the knot

Step 4: How to Use It...

there is one way to use it. actually, there is two. you can only have two if you have a metal peice around the top.

1. pull the rubberband backand out. release it. when the washer hits the bottom, BANG!
2. pull the rubberband out enough to be at level with the metal. pull it left to right, or up to down. it will hit the metal, making sound.

there is many ways to make noise:

put it upside down. shake it.

rub washer on metal

ect. ect.

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