Introduction: The Super Easy BINDER CLIP GRENADE!!!

I had a few friends over, we were bored and then i made this! It is a a shrap grenade made of binder clips.

Step 1: Supplies

you need 8 binder clips for the grenade

Step 2: Step Two

clip one on top of the other

Step 3: Step Three

ok now clip one on each side like in the picture

Step 4: Step Four

ok now clip one on each corner

Step 5: Throw the Delicate Grenade

ok well there is nothing to it give it a nice throw.... some grenades are better than others so.....your results may be bad or good * watch the vid* its fast so just delete it when your done i will learn to publish them later on

by the way this was my first instructable please comment and i hope you liked it