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Introduction: The Tape Necklace

bring back a taste of the 80s with this fabulous tape-necklace.

oh, those where the days when i used to sit in front of the radio for hours waiting to record my favourite songs on a mixtape.

no matter if you grew up listening to good old vinyl, tapes, cds or mp3s, this is a quick and easy project for everybody.  it makes a great gift, too.

Step 1: You Need

- rests of 2 different colored fabrics - non stretch - cotton is best
- thread, one matching one of the fabrics, one contrasting both of them
- rest of translucent fabric
- 2 eyelets, outer diameter 1,5 cm and matching eyelet tool
- ball chain and ball chain closure

Step 2: The Template & Fabric Preparation

using an old tape as a guideline, make a template (or use mine).

from one of the fabrics (i used the dark one for this) cut out the casette base (2 times):
a rectangle 10 cm long and 6,5 cm high. this part needs 1 cm of seam allowance on all sides.

from the other fabric cut out 2 rectangles 9 cm long and 4 cm high (no seam allowance needed) with a 1,5 cm x 7 cm window cut into it, see template for placement of the window. this represents the paper label. i used the turqouise fabric for this.

from the translucent fabric cut out 2 rectangles slightly bigger than the windows cut out of the other fabric. (a little bigger than 1,5 cm x 7 cm)

Step 3: Side A

with pins, mark the outline of the cassette on one of the base pieces.

with the help of the pins place one of the label-pieces on the right side of the base piece. put one of the transparent fabric pieces under the "window" (see picture). sew once around the label close to the edge to fix it to the base piece.

then, using narrow zig-zag stitch sew around the label piece and around the window.

draw the trapezoid part from the template on the left side of the base piece, mark with pins and sew from the right side.

sew an "A" and a line onto the label part.

with narrow zig-zag sew 4 dots into the trapezoid part - this is where a cassette has holes in the plastic

Side A of your tape is ready.

Step 4: Side B

do the same with the other side of the cassette, but sew a "B" instead of an "A".

Step 5: Finish the Sewing

lay the two sides on top of each other, right side on right side. pin them together and once around the cassette, leaving about 4 cm on one side open. cut away the seam allowance close to the seam at the corners and turn the tape over so that the right sides are outside using the 4 cm opening in the seam.

change the thread to one matching the color of your base fabric. pin the opening shut and sew once around the cassette close to the edge.

your cassette is almost looking like a real one now. only thing missing is...

Step 6: ...the Holes

with the help of the eyelet tool punch holes and install the eyelets where in a real cassette the holes for winding the tape would be.

Step 7: Attach the Chain and Wear It

put the ball chain through one of the eyelets and close with the chain closure.

you're finished!

have fun with your new necklace!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Would it be more interesting if instead of the ball chain you sewed a ribbon to the bottom so it looked like you'd unspooled the tape to hang it around your neck?