Introduction: Three Bolt Action Delights (must See)

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hey guys ! i just wanted to show you guys my two latest creations, both bolt action, in comparison with the original knex bolt action rifle, the zkar (modded to my preferences). we have a shooting demonstration of all three, and we have a detailed explanation video for each of the two guns. the guns are the S1 and the TDAC. here is the short video, the firing demo (older, longer version):

here is the newer, shorter firing demo video:
so you can tell by my name that i was planning on quitting both knexing and 'ibling, but after two weeks of not touching my knex at all, and having my time free up drastically due to no more tests this year for me, i started missing building, and set down to build a little. i took out my old zkar mod and was playing with it when i remembered my old unfulfilled goal (2 fails) to make a good removable magazine bullpup bolt-action assault rifle. this goal was motivated by my great disappointment after building knexguy's fn f2000, because it didn't work at all: no trigger, very bad bolt, bad mag, bad evrything...(nothing personal dude)(and btw, in the video i said seleziona's fn f2000... i was wrong. as always, i never remember the authors of the guns i build. excuse me for that). so, like i said, i had set myself a goal to make a working (good, if possible) remov. mag bullpup B/A AR. i had failed twice at this in the past, while trying to stay close (too close) to the fn f2000 design. this time, i decided i'd try to make one from scratch (at the end, i did include some elements from both the f2000 and the zkar), and this time i achieved my goal. i built an amazingly powerful, accurate reliable, comfortable, B/A bullpup AR. i call it the S1 (Sharir 1, to represent the fact that i think it's my best rifle so far and is also my unchallenged primary (EDIT: S2 totally wipes the floor with this)). i present to you the S1:

after finishing the S1, i remembered TD's concept for an auto chambering rifle. basically, that means you have the function of the bolt without a manual bolt, but rather with the wasted energy from the ram after firing the shot. since the ram is much heavier than the bullet, it will never transfer all of it's energy to the bullet. it will only transfer enough energy to get the bullet moving in the same speed as the ram. anyway, physics aside, after knowing this fact, TD thought of a nice way to use some of the wasted energy for chambering the next round. check out his forum topic about it. i realize that in the firing demo video the ram broke after the second shot, but it never happened before that, it was just really bad luck, and it never happened since. anyway, just in case, i taped it thicker this time. i might make another firing demo only for this one, but for now, you'll just have to believe me that it works better than that. it's still not battle worthy because it isn't 100% reliable, but it's a starting point. so, i bring to you the TDAC (TheDunkis Auto-chambering Concept):

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