Timber Phone Case




Introduction: Timber Phone Case

A phone case i made using a block of old timber i found in the workshop

Step 1: The Block

Choose a suitable block of oak, walnut, ash or any wood of your choice. Draw a rough template of your phone onto the piece of timber so you can see how much timber you need. Alternatively you can measure the dimensions of your phone and get a block slightly bigger. cut the block as accurately as you can to save time sanding later.

Step 2: Making the Case

Place your phone on top of the block draw around it with a pencil this will be where your phone sits in the case. Measure the depth of the phone and begin cutting with the router. (Be sure to be careful at this stage as any mistakes are hard to fix later). Cut out the whole phone size and shape into the timber. Check that your phone fits snugly into the 'case'. If you dont have a router you can use a chisel either.

Step 3: Cutting Holes for Buttons, Camera and Charger.

Mark the spot in the back and drill a hole for your camera. (I used the bit in the picture but your router or a hole saw would do either). mark the power and volume buttons on the case . cut them out with a saw and chisel or the router.
Drill a hole in the top of the case for your case for headphones and again in the bottom for your charger.
Also you you will need to drill several holes in the back of the case for your speaker.

Step 4: Sanding and Finishing

I sanded my phone case thoroughly with sand paper and my electric sander. I thought the case was a bit light in colour after all the sanding so I oiled it with danish oil for a nice finish.

Step 5: Fitting the Phone

Your phone should fit in the case snugly if you got the dimensions right in step 1 and 2. If not a small piece of cardboard or paper between the phone and case will hold your phone in place.

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    Wow that looks gorgeous, definitely has a nice rustic look. It's a great juxtaposition against the high tech phone!