Introduction: Time for a Clock

About: Just a normal person, ill think... hobby is to make things from scratch........ Teacher at a vmbo school, electrics,metalwork,plumbing,central heating and energy..

just a combination from bicycleparts, a peace of wood a tree brance and a clock movement.

Step 1: Bits and Pieces

a peace of wood, scorched is with a burner, cleand it and sealed it wit common varnish several times

Step 2: Cleaning Was the Hardest Part, Dirt,grease,rust.....

old bike parts, taken apart, cleaned them

look at the pictures how and where i used them..

Step 3: Luckey Findings..

on a pile of fire wood i found a nice brache, took some parts of, shaped it so it would fit on the base and also varnished it several time... the more varnish the better it looks..

for a few Euro's i bought a clokwork... then combined all the parts with screws and glue....

had fun making it...

Step 4:

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