Introduction: Tiny Candle to Titanic Torch

in this instructible i am going to make a extremely hot stove\torch from a ordinary tea light this can cook an egg if you halve a stand to put the frying pan on or boil water it will leave a wax residue on the bottom of the pot though so be careful

Step 1: Materials

  1. tea light
  2. tissue paper
  3. lighter

Step 2: Make the Wick

basically all your doing hear is making a bigger wick, the wick pulls up the wax from the candle which then burns so bigger wick = bigger flame

first get the tea light and light it so the molten wax will collect at the bottom

second rip a small piece of paper and twist it to around 1 1\2''

when you halve lots of melted wax blow out the candle and use a tooth pick to roll the paper inside till its all covered in wax take it out and let dry if their isn't enough wax burn the candle again

Step 3: Install and Light

if their is no melted wax at the bottom any more light it and wait before pushing the end of the new wick in the the candle and let the wax set


Step 4: Light!!!

finally light the original wick first and let it heat up before lighting the paper one it might take a few seconds but if you put enough wax on it will work and last a long time

*note if you want a bigger flame just ada another wick... ;)

Step 5: Safety

i hope i don't need to be to clear that wax is very hot and so is fire don't put it next to a old tapestry or your face IT WILL BURN use common sense : -}