Toilet Paper Tube Maracas




Introduction: Toilet Paper Tube Maracas

very fun and easy to make.
and the little squirts love them

Step 1: Step One

What you need

1 toilet paper tube
two rubber bands
two squares of cloth
and a handfull of beads

Step 2: Step Two

get toilet paper tube
and one piece of cloth
and one rubber band
take your tube and set it in the middle of the cloth
then pull up all the sides of the cloth
then rap the the rubber band around the cloth and tube

Step 3: Step Three

turn the tube upside down so
the cloth is on the table the drop all
the beads inside
then repeat step number two
only set the cloth on top of the tube
then shake away =)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there Lady,
    I think this is a really great idea for working with kids and people of special concerns. What a great instrument to add to a band where instruments might be damaged or otherwise too costly to use with particular groups of people. Combined with other less needy players and their instruments is often fun too, like Church Choirs. Nice job Lady, Thanks for the effort and fun. Play on. In Christ, Dorien


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks so much! i am so glad you like it!