Introduction: Towel Dog

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A quick, easy & inexpensive little gift you can make for someone using just a simple dish, hand or bath towel...cost of project: as little as $1 plus change.

Step 1: Gather Materials:

- Dish, hand or bath towel (pictured above is a hand/small dish towel)

- ribbon

- strong twine or fishing line (the more invisible, the better)

- felt

- glue

- 4 straight pins or clips

- scissors

Step 2: Getting Started:

- Lay towel flat & remove tags

Step 3: Roll Towel

- Roll towel edge toward middle crease - poke a couple pins in to hold it in place

- Roll other edge toward centre crease - insert pins to hold

TIP:: Roll it nice & tight and see in pic 2, the edges are nice & neat

Step 4: Flip & Fold

- Flip your towel over so you see the crease

- Fold right edge over 1/3 way (you can hold it in place with pins or finger)

- Fold left edge over 1/3 way (as pictured above) and pin

Step 5: Bowtie

- Take a piece of ribbon and tightly tie a bow tie to hold it all together

(depends on how poofy your towel is, the piece I used was about 12")

- Remove the pins

Step 6: Give 'em Some Cheeks

-Take your fishing line and tie the front piece above the bow tie REALLY tight

(the tighter, the rounder the cheeks are)

- Grab the ends and spin it around until the knot is under the chin above the bow tie

- Trim the fishing line

Step 7: Make Some Ears

- Cut a piece of felt about 2" x 7"

(from a standard piece of felt, you can get 6 ears)

- Fold in half and cut out a shape like that in centre pic

- From the scrap cut away, cut a nose like that in the centre pic

- Unfold the ears and use your finger to poke them through

the "hole" in the head, as pictured

Step 8: Finishing Touches

- Use a little glue on the ribbon edge to keep it from fraying

- Use a blob of water soluble glue to hold the nose in place

(it is a usable dish towel when you remove the ribbon)

TA-DA! Make lots and give 'em to friends & family