Introduction: Trash to Treasure 16? Side Rails

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I needed side rails to secure stuff while out curb mining but I didn't want to spend any money, here's what I did. Sorry for the lack of photos but I didn't have my camera available

Step 1: Materials

I've been keeping my mind open and eyes searching for something to make siderails out of for my 2nd truck, the 1st truck has the legs from a recycled trampoline that fit perfectly and look unique. I realized that the aluminum top rail for patio door curtains fit almost perfectly in the pocket holes of my little ranger and the boards from under a bed were cedar, wow, now all I needed was screws which I quickly dug out of a save can. A section of wire shelving would help protect my back glass and the heavy screen from an air conditioner would cover my sliding back window and keep out the leaves

Step 2: Rails

I cut 2 pieces from the aluminum c-channel that would be as tall as the roof when in the front pockets, then I laid a couple of 2x4's across the bed to measure how high I needed the back pockets then pre-drilled and screwed the lower rails in place. The upper (for now) rails height was determined by the placement of the wire shelf and my being able to reach thru the opening. I rounded off the ends of the boards and cut out a hook shape to guide ropes as well as several holes in the rails to pass ropes thru

Step 3: Headache Rack

Well in a BIG RIG semi truck this would be a headache rack and it will hopefully protect my back glass and even my head from objects penatrating or just smashing against and cracking my window. It's a section of wire shelf, painted black and cut to size then attached to the rails with scavanged washers and screws

Step 4: Window Screen

When you have the windows open and debris in the bed tends to blow into the cab, I took a piece of heavy screen from an ac unit cut to size and reused the edgeing. I attached it to the wire shelf/headache rack with wire until I find some nuts and bolts and bent an angle in the screen from the top of the "rack" to just under the 3rd brake light. I freehanded a little something on the screen with acrylic paint just because.... yea yea it's not centered .. its a fun/work truck not a beauty contestent !