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Introduction: Travel Tips

in our lives we can't live without life hacks. if we miss something we definitely need substitute. here we are going to see some of the tips and life hacks.

Step 1: Pillow

we always can't travel with pillow that is why we are using air pillow. but what would you do if you miss it. here is a simple trick.
take a long sleeve t-shirt or shirt.
stuff some of your cloths.
roll the top and bottom.
tie the sleeves with bottom ends.
turn back it is ready.

Step 2: Ironed Cloths

another important thing is packing up your cloths. simply we roll them to get enough space. but how would you pack ironed cloths. they may get wrinkles after you got to your destination.

simply wrap them with news papers you will not get wrinkles.

Step 3: Documents

your have reached your destination and you have started your vacation. but you have missed your documents or lost them. you can go and get help from local police station or at any office or department. but how would they help without any of your identity or evidence?

better idea is just save the photographs or scanned images of your document and precious things in your email.

Step 4: Overweight

at the airport you feel or found that your luggage have little more weight than you expected and you don't want to pay more. what would you do there?

take few cloths that weigh more than others(eg- denim jeans weigh more than skinny or cotton jeans) and wear them over your cloths. not bad you are allowed without extra pay.

Step 5: Carrying Bags

when carrying bags some of the handles have the tendency to hurt your hand and some of them may tear due to overweight.

to avoid these situations
-warp your hand with a cloth like kerchief or handkerchief when the handle hurts you.
-do not stuff every thing in one bag. divide them into three or four bags as need.

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