Introduction: Tree Net

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Hello all, I have another tree net inscrutable for you! This tree net design is "permanently" attached to the tree branches unlike the triple tree net design. This design has no knots on the inner section for maximum comfort. These nets are permanently attached to the branches they are safer to rig higher. For this inscrutable i put a tree net 32ft up in an oak tree. I had to use single rope technique climbing to gain access to the top of the tree.

Step 1: Safety First

If you have access to climbing gear I would recommend using it to make weaving the net safer and easier. Remember to double and triple check your equipment before climbing. Always have a back up system never rely on a single system. SAFETY FIRST!

Helpful items

  1. static climbing rope "100ft"
  2. climbing harness
  3. assorted carbiners
  4. tree climbing lanyard
  5. pulleys
  6. Handled ascender
  7. Grigri 2

Step 2: Materials Needed

Rope and cord

  1. outer rope- 60ft of PMI EZ Bend 11mm static rope. (found at REI)
  2. netting- 550 type 3 paracord. ( i purchased a 1,000 ft spool on amazon)

Other materials

  1. knife/scissors
  2. lighter
  3. a nice tree

Step 3: Weaving the Net

Its pretty simple to weave but it dose take a while to complete.

  1. connect your static rope to the tree with clove hitches. this is your outer rope that the para cord will attach to.
  2. after you attach the static rope you can add in the paracord. Tie a clove hitch to the outside rope, you will want to work form left to right spacing the ropes about 1 inch apart.
  3. after you have all the cord going one way you need to go the other way. you want to twist the cord together and pull it tight and tie it off with a clove hitch.
  4. when your done cut the extra cord off and seal it with a lighter.

Step 4: The Net Is Complete

Throw a sleeping bag over the net for some added padding. Remember to always stay contend to the tree if you are high up. I'm planing on weaving sides to the net from some added safety. Have a good time in your new tree net and stay safe! (don't hurt yourself)

Step 5: Colorado Tree Nets

Here are some pictures from Colorado Tree Nets check out their facebook page.