Introduction: Tri D Chess (star Trek Chess)

hi every one!!

so as my name would suggest i am a huge star trek fan. lately i have been looking around for instructables on how to build tri d chess but haven't found any... so here's my version. 

Step 1: Step 1

so first you want materials and tools:

plexi glass

something to cut the above item

nuts and bolts (the bolts should be significantly taller than your chess pieces) 

something to make the stand out of 

a drill 

a permanent marker

about two hours

a love of chess and star trek

Step 2: Step 2

start by measuring the plexi glass. measure out 64 squares, and then cut  out 3 4x4 boards and 4 3x3 boards

Step 3: Step 3

next drill holes in all the attack boards. you also need a hole in each of the corners of the stationary boards. now find bolts that are taller than your bishop and some nuts to fit them. next put the bolts through the holes in the attack boards and nuts on the bolts like so:

Step 4: Step 4

all right now you just need to colour the squares and build a stand. colouring the squares is easy. I cant really explain how to build the stand because I just built it out of stuff in my basement. so there you have it how to make your own tri d chess board. you can find rules on line as well as set up instructions.