Introduction: Trike

If you have a couple bikes you want to play around with, or some spare parts, then this is the perfect thing for you. plz vote for me in the bike contest.

Step 1: Position

Place bike frame in upward position

Step 2: The Back Wheel

Put the back wheel on and make sure the chain is tight

Step 3: The First Front Wheel

hold the wheel axle to the bar and tighten with wrench

Step 4: The Second Front Wheel

do the same as first wheel

Step 5: Inspection

make sure that the wheel does not rub against the bar

Step 6: Test Run

after you have it done then time for a test run. when you try to turn one way the other front wheel will come off the ground, but dont worry that is all normal. thanks for watching, plz vote for me in the bike cont

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