Introduction: Hand Trolley

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I had this travel bag with the wheels falling off an wanted to make good use of it.

After refurbishing a old trolley I had lying around the house I saw a way how to put that old travel bag to use.

Step 1: Tools

screws, hacksaw, pliers, measuring tape, dremel, glue, drill,screwdriver.

I took out the broken trolley from the bag not damaging the bag any further.

I stuck the wheels back to the base of the trolley with glue and used screws to secure it, then cut off the end of the screws with a dremel.

Step 2: Making the Base

I found a wire grill to make the base with, which I cut and shaped to my desire.

the trolley arm was unscrewed from the wheels to fit the grill between then screwed back together.

Step 3: Making a Hinge

I cut the grill to the size I found best and shaped the ends with the closed end of a spanner.

the curved ends of the grill is to act as a support when weight is rest on it.

for the hinges I used two metal clips, I think I got them when I bought my pre amp...use what works best for you.

the clips were put around the grill then screwed to the corner base of the trolley.

Step 4: Last Step

I screwed some metal plates to the grill to strengthen it as a base and that's it the trolley is finished.

as you can see the base folds in for easy storage.

Step 5: Some Pics.... Trolley Vs Trolley

it's not as strong as the original but it can come in handy.

I have some ideas on how to make it stronger will post it up when I'm done.

Step 6: