Introduction: Trolleyswing

With this instructable I show you how to make a swing that also functions as a trolley!

Step 1: Material List

  • 4 eyebolts
  • 2 wheels, distance between the screwholes is 5 cm
  • 2 buckels, 70mm
  • rope, 20m long and 6mm thick
  • hardwood multiplex 12mm
  • broomsticks
  • wood glue (standard 4 )
  • saw machine
  • sandpaper
  • drill 22mm (it has to be narrower than the broomsticks)
  • screwdriver

Step 2: Sawing

I used hardwood multiplex 12mm.

U can see the dimensions for the swing on the drawing.

After sawing, the holes can be drilled.

Each one of the holes is 22mm in diameter,

but that depends on the diameter of the sticks that u use.

I recommend a hole that is 2mm narrowerer than the sticks.

Step 3: Connecting

Saw broomsticks in pieces of 27,5 cm.

My sticks are 24 mm thick. The holes are 22 mm wide.

At each end, abrade the sticks so they tightly fit the holes.

I added wood glue for extra strenght, but without any it normally also sticks together.

Step 4: Metal Works

  1. Screw the 4 eye bolts in the connecting sticks at the sides of the bottom.
  2. Cut the rope in half ( 2 x 10m )
  3. Connect one side of the rope with the eyebolt. Use a noose. Do this on both sides. Melt the ends to prevent freying.
  4. Connect the other side with the buckels, again with a noose, on both sides.

Roll the rope around the swing and lock with the buckels to store it clean and tight.

5. Screw on the wheels.

6. Finish the swing by giving it a good polish.

Step 5: On Your Way

Your trolleyswing is finished!

You can now easily transport it to your favorite swinging spot.

The trolleyswing is a perfect trolley, is easily connectable to backpacks and perfectly fits in the trunk of a car.

Step 6: Have Fun

To hang up the swing:

  1. Unfasten the ropes.
  2. Throw the side with the buckle over the branch you're planning on swinging in. This usually requires some exercise.
  3. Connect the buckles with the eyebolts again.
  4. To adjust height, tie a sheepshank.
  5. Your trollyswing is now ready for use!