Tune and Make Cheap Drums Sound Good

Introduction: Tune and Make Cheap Drums Sound Good

Today I will be demonstrating on a pdp mainstage and will help you make drums like these sound better.
Things You'll Need:
1) New heads (I used remo pinstripe for a better sound)
2) A drum key
3) A magnet
4) A tuner

Step 1: Tuning

First get your new heads. Next step is to take off old heads and find the resonance of the drum. Put your tuner inside the drum while tapping outside(the tuner may not pick it up so you may have to hum along). Once you find the resonance tune your bottom head to it. Then try to match the top head with the bottom. Once that is complete, tighten the bottom lugs to make it a little higher pitch than the top ones. The drum should sound pretty good. to reduce rattling though you may want to add moongels, or headweights.
Note: on the bass drum only tune the kick head. The back head should only be tight enough to stop excess vibrations.

Step 2: Stop Excess Snare Rattle

Simply grab your magnet and place it under the snare wire.

Step 3: Port a Hole in the Bass Drum

I'm not going into detail on this one since there are many instructables on this one. so just port a hole and follow the instructions.

Step 4: Finished

Your cheap drums should sound pretty good now.

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    9 years ago

    Also, you can tune it however, but on cheap drums it's best to tune it to the resonant note