Two Ways to Make a Cheap Hail Pad

Introduction: Two Ways to Make a Cheap Hail Pad

1. Styrofoam cups
2. 8 tent stakes they are reusable
3. 12x12" card board piece
4. aluminum foil heavy duty
5. hot glue
6. duct tape
    the thing that makes this cheaper is it takes a lot less foam.
1.first check and see how many cups will fit then cut about 2 inches of each one and add a couple more.
2.then glue the top of the cut cups and glue them on the piece of card board.
3.the put glue on the tops of the cups and quickly cover it in aluminum foil and fold the excess foil down to the bottom of the card board and duct tape it.
when using use tent stakes to secure it.
most the materials can make many hail pads.

                                                                                        hail pad 2
1.foam dinner take home boxes 
2. duct tape
3. aluminum foil
4. rocks or fish weights 
most hail pads are 12x12 but this will be smaller but nearly free
1.put something inside the box to keep it down
2.put aluminum foil around the take out box 
3.tape the bottom so the foil wont blow away   

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    a hail pad is a piece of soft foam wrapped in foil during storms they set it out to determine the average size, spread of hail [frozen ice]


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Pardon, I don't speak English. What is a hail pad?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I it's a device for measuring the size and density of frozen hail. I.e. you stake it outside and then examine after a hailstorm and the hole size and density can tell you about the severity of the storm.

    Nice overview here: