Introduction: Ultimate Destop Prank in 2 Minutes!

i have seen a lot of computer pranks that realy aren't all that effective... sure putting tape on the bottom of a laser mouse. but they figure it out rather fast. So noodled around on the comp and came up with this idea... (Disclaimer: I didn't "Create" this idea but i found it out on my own)

this makes it so the real icons and task bar on your comp are hiden and a picture of them is replaced so that none of the function work.

if this is confusing read on...

Step 1: What You Need

*A friends computer... duh
*Life support (e.g. air)
*about 2 to 3 minutes

Step 2: Print Screen Background

first use the print screen function on the keyboard...

then open paint (or what ever simple picture editing software you have) then go to edit -- paste. here is the important part DO NOT CHANGE ANY DEMENTIONS OR ANYTHING. go to file -- save as -- my pictures -- (save it as what every you want).bmp -- save

Step 3: Remove Crap

now that the background is saved, you need to remove the icons and taskbar so it apears that they are there but are not.

remove icons by right clicking the background and then go to arrange icons by... -- show destop icons click that and they show all be hiden.

then right click the task bar and select lock task bar. then drag it down so it disapers.

Step 4: Fake Him Out

now all you need to do it open up the print screened background and everything will apear to come back!

right click backround and go to propertys -- (up at the to) destop -- browse -- (find your PS picture) -- open -- (set position to strech) -- OK

now everything will no longer longer work when you click on them he will think his comp is frosen, but when he restarts it still wont work!