Introduction: Ultimate Electronics Pocket Kit

About: Just a couple of dudes who do things with stuff in places at times for reasons. The result: EPIC

Simply a small 'pocket sized' kit with all the basic electronic necessities. great for on-the-go experimenting, or just a convenient container for the basics.

Step 1: Find a Container

The first thing you have to do is find a container for your kit. It can be just about anything, but try to keep it at a convenient size and shape. I used a medium sized Buck knife tin, just because I had it and it is metal, so very durable.

Step 2: Find Smaller Containers.

If your large container has compartments, feel free to skip this step. otherwise, find some smaller containers to put the different components in. Altoids time work great, but anything will do.

Step 3: Assemble the Kit.

It's time to put all the components into the smaller containers and put those into the large one. Here I have various types of pieces sorted. Capacitors, resistors, switches, potentiometers, inductors, LEDs, etc. I also have an 'Altoids' tin with my jumper wires in it and a breadboard power supply. Anything you think would be useful and fits. If you have suggestions, please comment.

Step 4: Add a Breadboard.

I decided that just having the components wasn't enough. so I installed a breadboard inside the lid of my large tin. One 400 tie point and one 830 tie point. I also glued on a speaker terminal with jumper wires I Soldered on to it. That helps a ton with wires that are too thick or messy to insert into the breadboard. I also glued a piece of foam to it for immediate storage of components, very convenient. Again all suggestions are welcome.

Step 5: Done!

You are done! Now go build something on it.