Introduction: Uncle Mo's Original and Superior Magic Chook Constitution

Uncle mo's original and superior chook constitution.
works on whites, browns,
speckled and be speckled hens,
for shining shells and fantastic feathers,
free from worries/fleas/ticks/unpleasant odours,
strength, power and extreme good looks,
ensuring the pluckiest hens and raging roosters- sure to be up before sunrise,
with this trusted and tested best African blend your back yard beauties will be the envy of your neighbours,
no worry,
bad ju-ju and evil eye protection included
******************** plus extra long life*********************************************
super fast acting instant results, proven on our own picky poultry.
take all your veggie peelings, leftover cooked rice or pasta, burnt on the pan scrapings, fruit that is past eating, banana skins, veg that’s gone yellow in the fridge, get out your biggest knife, chop the whole lot into a fine crumb, mix in a little salt (to make the yolks more tasty) and feed liberally to your feathered fancies, results within days!

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