Introduction: Unemployment Burger

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The unemployment burger is something that just happened when I was unemployed. It's a cheap and tasty version of a hamburger when to make ends meat.

Step 1: The Ingredients

1 medium to large size potato
a few tablespoons of flour
some soul food seasoning
olive or vegetable oil

Step 2: Shred Potato

Using some sort of grating device shred the potato into many tiny pieces

Step 3: Squeeze the Out Some Juices

Over the sink squeeze out some of the juices from the shredded potato.

Step 4: Mix

Put the shedded potato in a bowl and mix with soul food seasoning, some flour and a little pepper. Mix.

Step 5: Form Into Patty

You are now at meat stage. Form it into a patty, just like you would a hamburger.

Step 6: Cooking

Warm some oil into a pan for cooking. Frying the unemployment burger takes frying skills which should accompany all frying. Too hot and the it will not cook the inside and you may burn the outside. Too little heat and the unemployment burger becomes soggy with oil. Another thing to remember is patience. If you play around with it too much in the frying stage it will break up and not have enough time to form the cristy french fry-like crust.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

When finished cooking, prepare it for consumption as you would any meat burger. As an unemployment burger it is usually accompanied with ketchup and mustard (from fast food packets) on two slices of white bread. Here it is shown with turkey bacon and cheddar cheese, with a side of mango salsa and two olives. Other recommended condiments are mayonaise, salsa, relish and/or hot sause. Enjoy