Introduction: Unicycle Arlequin

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

first make the draw of an mobile arlequin all the parts separated.
Legs, arms, shoes... and the monocycle.

Then mark those templates on an mdf. a 3mm and 9 mm wide.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces With a Jig Saw

cut all the templates with a jig saw. I use a stool thats have a hole at the center to sopport my cuts. And do it safely using gogles

Step 2: Making the Pedals

cut a rectangle of a wide mdf and glue the sneakers of the arlequin.

Step 3: Make the Center of the Wheels!

i had a wooden  wheel from a diferent proyect and i cut it in half.
I sanded and glue it between the two wheels of the arlequin.
make sure of pressing it for a couple of hours

Step 4: Making the Pedals

i did a similar thing with the pedals (cut it in half)

Step 5: Unicycle Seat

cut the templates o a wide and thin mdf
I attached the seat using a cheap drill (You can use a DREMEL brand drill) before nail it to the body of the arlequin.

Step 6: Add a Wooden Stick at the Center of the Wheel

Put glue before insert the stick.
I painted the wheel while the glue dries.
After it dried a carved both sections of the wheel where the axes goes.

Step 7: Continue Paintings

paint the seat and the axes before insert the wheels. then insert the wheel and glu the other axe.

Step 8: Glue the Pedals Axles

Make a hole on each center of the  pedal axles and glue them at both sides of the center of the wheels, be sure to the directions ... one going up and the other down
With a plier atached the parts.

Step 9: Go Crazy Paintings the Parts

Step 10: Attach All the Parts Together

i use paper clips that i opened and cut in half. I curl the ends with a plier

For the pedals i put a plastic part. I dont know its real name or use, but i found it in a woodstore, maybe its use on furniture making.

Step 11: Juggling Balls

using the drill (same as a DREMEL brand) i made some holes in a balls. I had it before, for necklaces. And do holes at the hands and legs of the arlequin.
Glue the juggling bali in a wire that goes on the holes..

Step 12: Watch It Goes!

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