Introduction: Existence

existence is 1st work of "unsettled" project. In this work a light bulb is controlled by the Geiger counter, when the Geiger counter detects radiation it suddenly blinks. This urge us to recognize the existence of radiation.

unsettled project by Kotaro Abe + Yasuaki Kakehi, 2014

unsettled from Kotaro Abe on Vimeo.

Step 1:


1) Arduino Uno, Nano or else
2) a Geigercounter (I'm always using SEN10742 from Sparkfun)
3) extension cords
4) SSR (for switching a powersource)
5) Light bulbs or lightings with sockets

How to control light bulbs refers to http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,12915.0.html or http://www.glacialwanderer.com/hobbyrobotics/?p=9

Step 2: Make

If you get everything in the list, ready to make!
FIrst, you should remove vinyls off the extension code. And you can find codes have two bundles. Now cut off one side, another side not. Then connect the bundle that were cut off to the Arduino via SSR. (watch a pic below and how you connect them will be clear if you watch Codes below)

Step 3: Codes

const int GM = 6; //connect Pin 6 to a Geigercounter's OUT Pin
const int SSR = 13; //13 Pin to the SSR
int null;

void setup()
  pinMode(GM, INPUT);

void loop()
  /* everytime a Geigercounter detects radiation */
  while(digitalRead(GM) == null) {}
  digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);

Step 4: Other "unsettled" Project


If you have some questions about this project, feel free to ask me by e-mail.


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