Introduction: Unwarping Guitar Scratchplate

Hi, when i went to my guitar shop they noticed that my scratchplate was warped and said I needed to buy a new one. WRONG! with this simple guide you can unwarp your warped scratchplate (or any memory plastic product) for free!

Step 1: What You Need;

An oven
heat  proof gloves (baking gloves)
a flat surface
somthing else thats flat to go ontop ( vegtagle board, plank of wood, book etc..)

Step 2: Let the Bending Begin

simply heat up you oven to about 200 degree's and make sure nothing is in the oven. when you have done this carefuly place your Scratchplate into the oven and set the timer for one minute.

when the buzzer goes check you scratchplate to see if it is "floppy" by lifting a corner of it whalst wearing you heat proof gloves. if it bends take it out quickly and put it on your flat surface. after this immediately put your flat object ontop. wait 1 minute and

Step 3: All Done!

if done correctley you should have a cool and flate scratchplate and all you have too do is re- attach it to you guitar!. yay! (please not my scratchplate is flat even though the picture says otherwise as it is balencing on a pea!)