Introduction: Upcycle Chair

The redesigned your old and unused chairs

Step 1: The Separation of Chair Parts

You must separate the fragments and pieces of the Chair without breaking it, you should be careful to allocate.

While the process of shredding common hand tools and muscle strength.

Step 2: Removing Pieces of Paint

all the pieces, you must apply the gel paint remover. then, with the help of a spatula scraping paint pieces of surging. You must wait two hours for the swelling of drying paint after you apply paint remover gel.

Step 3: Sanding of the Paint Removed Parts

Parts of paint to remove scratches that occur when removing sanding with fine sandpaper should do. You can use the sander or hand sanding doing this operation.

Step 4: Repairing Damage to Chair Parts Taken

chairs are very old and should repair the broken parts were damaged and unusable piece should take. cracked wooden parts, you should compress with the help of pipe clamp and wood glue, and wait 1 day

Step 5: Design

I took over the chair of the repair used parts. I designed these pieces instead of next parts. I chose the material plexiglass. He remained only be processed on patterns of plexiglass.I found that pattern into the inkscape photo program with the help of the DWG format. After editing in AutoCAD I save my designs in DXF format. It was so that becomes eligible for laser cutting machines.

Step 6: Production

laser cutting process took 2 hours.They need to be careful about laser cutting are the lines on the pattern should not be too close together and care should be taken to scale in the drawing stage.

Step 7: Production and Ergonomics

It was not in accordance with ergonomic backrest, so I bend it to be eligible the ergonomics. I used it as a template to adjust the tilt my old backrest. I used the electric furnace to tilt flekxiglass. I heated my plexi 3 minutes, warms quickly softened plexi, I put pressure on curved surfaces, and apply cold cloths.

NOT:flexi hold a maximum of 3 minutes in an electric oven, because if condensation occurs more stops

Step 8: To Merge the Chair Parts

the varnished wooden chair parts remain merge with the plex. I used a drill and screws combining parts.

Note: wood and plexi combined with noise, I use plastic nut to prevent it.

Step 9: And Finally Over

Now I can relax a bit . I wish you all good fun

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