Introduction: Upcycled Toolbox

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if you work in a warehouse, on the docks, or nearly any industrial jobsite you'll see crates...this is a story of how I transformed one such crate from trash to treasure

Step 1: Selecting Your Crate

you need a crate that can be easily moved...w/o a forklift ideally...however it needs to be big enough to hold your tools and solid enough cardboard or similar materials...wood!!! maybe metal, but there aren't many metal crates that aren't intended for reuse.

Step 2: Putting Things Together; a Removable Box Option

if you want a smaller box that fits inside...I made my fit width-wise and put cleats to hold it off the bottom...I made a jig the width of my my case I used a 1x6 to build the inner box and 1/4" plywood for its bottom...I also used glue to reinforce my nails...also I used a 60T blade for cutting the plywood


your dimensions will vary from my!!!

Step 3: Finshing the Box

I used a 2x2 to reinforce the lid/top...I used nails and glue...then I installed hinges, latches and a handle...I didn't paint my toolbox...I rather like the rustic/industrial look of the crate

Step 4: The Finished Product

I moved my tools from their cramped spot into the new box...and puffed my chest out...just a little