Us Army Halloween/airsoft Costume

Introduction: Us Army Halloween/airsoft Costume

hey this an ible' for an army costume. none of these pictures are of me, because my cameras broken and im not as cool as these guys.
ill be covering
-camel bak
-boots,gloves, and pads
-and camos

Step 1:

the cloths are army issue acus. you can get them for cheep at a thrift shop.

Step 2:

a vest is one of the mst important things. they have interceptors wich are quite pricey, but you can look on ebay and find them for REALY cheap like between .99-200.00

Step 3:

next, is helmet and goggles. the helmet is mich, and for an airsoft one, you can get one for around 20.00 online. the goggles can be bought at any surplus store and im not sure how much. you can also get any sunglasses any were for cheep.

Step 4:

next,is the camel back. i got mine at a locol surplus store for 20.00

Step 5:

next, is the accessories. desert boots can be bought at many thrift stores for about 10.00, flyers gloves can be bought at surplus stores for 10.00, and elbow and knee pads together for around 20.00.

Step 6:

lastly,is a gun. it is a m4 with an acog, grip, and bipod. the attachments are personal preference. a baisic m4 airsoft can be bought on ebay for 10 dollars.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It is considerd posing and can be insult to some and a tribute to others.


    Some people would find this highly offensive that you would dress up as a Soldier for a Halloween Costume.