Introduction: Usb Charging Riser Card

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in this instructable i will be showing you how to make a riser card for your computer that will not take up any valuble slots or morts on the motherboard. (most but not all cases seem to alow spots for cards where there is no slot for it)

you will need a riser card from an old AT system.
a molex conector (from a crashed drive, fan power connectors, electronics store
5 inches of 24-22 AWG wire.

solder iron, scisors, wires striper, needle nose 

Step 1: Setup the Card

take the card remove the cable from the card trace the outer pin on each side to the pins. mark these pins with a sharpie at the tip. now using  or folow the traces and almost always farly close to the conector is an electrolitic capacitor the stripe with the - symbol in it is the - lead trace this to the pins mark it with a -. take 2 pieces of wire wrap each around a marked pin (if you're using a fan conector cut the male conector off the end. then solder the red wire to the + pin and black to the negitive pin). solder the wire on to the pin hotglue, liquid electrical tape to insilate and make it extra secure. 

Step 2: Prep the Connector

if using a board mounted socket solder the wires you previusly atached to the board to the socket. + connects to + 5volts. (if you need to find witch one is 5 v plug the male plug ito it find the pin that lines up to the red wire when inserted corctly) - conects to either of the center or both. 

Step 3: Finishing

if desired glue the connector to a bare spot on the card alow to dry. it is now done
install the card preferably in a slot with no motherboard conector. conect a power conector to it. clase ths system up. plug in usb charge cables. turn the system on conect your divice and charging begins. 

not responsible for anything that hapins resulting from use or misuse of this divice!

Step 4: Thery of Operation

instead of using ports that can comunicate data to charge somthing. useing this saves ports alows more for powered divices. and it is not motherboard conected so no dma, irq, or divice driver is needed. 

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