Introduction: Usb Micro

ok this is a first instructable (as i am mainly a user not a giver!) so go easy. i will mention that i made this in around about 10 mins! so the job i did on it was horrible but im sure you could get a better result! sorry if you cant see the pics too well as they were taken with my w810i. please show pictures in comments of your version!

stuff needed:
dremel/other small cutting tool
micro machine
pqi usb drive
flatblade or crossblade screwdriver

good luck with my horrible quality product!

ps. no the usb drive being exposed does not mean that there is a massiv chance of data loss as mine gets a beating and has never suffered memorywise... cosmeticly well thats slightly different...

Step 1: Take Apart the Micro

ok in this part you will need the screwdriver and the micro...

should be pretty obvious... i hope!

Step 2: Take Apart the Usb Drive

ok this could take a bit of time on the drive there is a lower and a higher part to the casing you need to try and pry the two apart! i admittedly ended up breaking the case a bit but i got it out and it should look like this:

Step 3: Making the Black Hole!

ok this is the part where i made a messy rushed job but hopefully you wont make the same mistake!
you will now need your dremel or similar cutting tool.

Step 4: Put the Drive in Place

ok i know this has been a horribly quick and bad tutorial but hopefully some constructive comments may help! basically all you need to do in tis step is to put the micro back together and slot the usb drive in place!

thanks for looking at this and i hope it will be slightly different to the other 5 you probably have sitting on your shelf!

oh and before you complain in the comments... for the second time the usb drive does not lose data by being exposed mine is in my pocket constantly and the phone it is connected to beats it up a lot! especially when it is dropped!