Introduction: Usb Wifi Antenna

this is the 1st. version of my usb wifi antenna. it has been inspired by:

i did not have immediate access to "Chinese parabolic cookware" however i will use one next time. instead,i used an eight inch strainer , without the strainer i do not get a signal in my house. this entire instructable has been uploaded via the strainer/usb antenna.

Step 1: Purchase Usb Wifi

i used the belkin wireless G usb adapter. it comes with a base and some cable.

Step 2: Purchase Strainer

this one is an 8 inch strainer with a handle.

Step 3: Make Hole in Strainer

Step 4: To Get a Better Signal Push It in About Half Way!!!

Step 5: Connect to Friends

i am getting this signal from across a river.

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