Introduction: Use Any Sandpaper on an Orbital Sander

Im going to show you how to use any sandpaper you want on an orbital sander. Lets say you were sanding a solid cedar table, but you run out of sandpaper for your orbital sander or don't have a fine enough grit, or your sister did a "craft" with the rest of your sanding pads and you can't go to a hardware store because you can not drive yet. If so here is the instructable for you.

Step 1: Materials

here is what I used

- 1/4 inch plywood
-spray adhiesive
-an old sanding pad
-sandpaper (duuhh)

Step 2: Cutting a Circle Thingy

Trace an outline of the outside of your sander and cut it out. I used my bandsaw to cut it out

Step 3: Gluing Stuff to the Circle Thingy

now that you have your circle cut out glue the old spent sanding pad to the wood fuzzy side up. I used a combination of superglue and hot glue to achieve this.

When that is done apply whatever type of sandpaper you want to the other side. I used some purple p400 I have an abundance of.

Step 4: Finish

now trim the paper (or not) and start sanding.

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