Introduction: Using Wood Laminate Flooring for a Work Bench Top

This is my first instructable so put on your rose colored glasses
I found some flooring at habitat for humanity for about a buck apiece and knew they where pretty tuff, but a bench top? So I took a claw hammer to a piece and it stood up pretty well to a minor trashing. Well I gave it a shot and in about 20 minutes it look pretty good.

Step 1: Materials

7 pieces of flooring
3 screws
counter sink bit
drill bit appropriate for screw size
1 Beer (i would have drank more but it only took a few minutes)
1 Tamale (pork)

Step 2: Put It Together

Put it together as you can see the layout was simple enough. I know when you do a floor you stagger the planks but I want it simple.  When it gets torn up I can replace it with another 7 bucks and 20 min. of time. I did have to trim the end pieces. They clip together into one big sheet.

Step 3: Making It Stick

All I did was push it back against the wall and into the corner tight. Then I counter sunk three holes along the front of the counter. Pre-drilled them for the screws and snugged them up. I started to glue it down but it felt so secure I decided against it for ease of replacement.

Step 4: Other Stuff

I had put the groove edge out because I thought it made more sense. While giving it the once over I realized that the left over rubber trim used to tuck in screen door screen would fit in perfect and give it a bit more finished look.  Perfect no. A lot nicer than my twenty year old plywood surface. Yes

Step 5: Chemical Durability?

I sprayed an extra piece of the surface with chem tool carb cleaner and wd40 . The laminate seemed unaffected.