Introduction: Uzi Strawz (automatic Airsoft Blowguns With Bb Control and Clips)

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uzi strawz are 'professional' automatic airsoft blowguns. i had this idea in the 6th grade and ive been improving the idea over the years on those rainy boring days. the guns have design features that hold the bbs in when the straw is held in the shooting position. the significance of the bendy part is you can use it to aim. they shoot a clip of around 35 bbs in about a second. heres how to make them.

shooting tip
hold the tip of your tongue over the mouthpiece blow then release your tongue.
with practice you should be able to shoot the bbs through a sheet of paper

Step 1: Materials

to make an uzi straw using my preferred method you will need the following matirials:

1. those bendy straws from friendly's get a few.
2. some straws from mcdonalds
3. a straw 6 millimeters wide or wider i use the straws from subway. get a few because sometimes the bbs get stuck in the straws and sometimes you mess up cutting the straw. blow airsoft bbs through the straw to see if it works.
4.electrical tape
6.exacto knife or razorblade
7.piece of super thin non streatchy plastic wrapper i use the wrapper from little debbie snacks, or from subway straws.
8.airsoft bbs at least 5 or 6 to test it
9. patience, dexterity, common sense, and time.

Step 2: Bendy Straw Outer Frame

1.cut a piece about 2 inches long off of the front of the bendy straw (the front is the side that goes into your soda)
2. cut a hole in the bendy straw near the part that bends (about  a subway straws width from the start of the bendy part) big enough for a mcdonalds straw to fit through.
3. cut the 2 inch straw so there are 4 equally spaced pieces sticking out to wrap underneath the hole in the bendy straw.
4. dont tape the 2 inch piece to the hole yet
5. cut the bendy straw to be about 5 inches long

now you have the outer frame.

Step 3: Inner Frame

1. cut a hole in a mcdonalds straw about 4mm from the end. make sure its wide enough. and measure the mcdonalds straw out to be about an inch longer than the frame from the bendy piece then cut it
2. cut a piece of the straw off of another mcdonalds straw about 5mm long and make a cut halfway through the straw from the top then push it down into a v. this is the piece that will block the airsoft bbs from rolling into your mouth when you aim up.
3. insert the v side into the mcdonalds straw from the side with the hole in it it should go in kinda snug and it should stop going in once the v side is all the way in.
4. cut a piece of electrical tape down the middle to make it thin enough to wrap around the back of the blocker and the back of the inner frame straw. tape around the open part of the v straw and the mcdonalds straw to secure it.
5. put some tape around the mcdonalds straw in front of the hole and an about an inch back from the front measure it by holding it against the frame. put enough tape around the mcdonalds straw to make it fit snug in the frame when you push it in.
6. push in the inner frame and match up the holes.

you now have the full frame

Step 4: Inner Straw

1. find a straw around 6mm wide that you can blow airsoft bbs through and cut it down the middle lengthwise in about half an inch in and cut one side away. put an airsoft bb onto the open section and blow through the straw to see if it works if it doesn't work cut more away from the section in small slivers.
2. cut a piece of plastic from your little debbie wrapper or your subway straw wrapper about 2/5 of a centimeter wide and about an inch long and tape it to the straw so about 3/4ths of a centimeter is exposed over the section you cut away. this piece of plastic prevents the bbs from rolling out of the front of the straw when you aim down and still lets you shoot them.
3. make the 6mm straw about a inch longer than the inner frame measuring from the v blocker  put the straw next to the inner frame and measure the 6mm straw from the end of the blocker.
4. put two sections of tape around the inner straw and make sure the inner straw slides into the inner frame snugly and barely touches the v blocker. 

Step 5: Assembly

1. push the inner straw into the inner frame and make both holes flush and then push the combination into the main section of the frame.
2. take the 2 inch piece made in the second step and attatch it to the frame as shown with first a single piece of tape connecting one side to the other.
3. then secure the 2 inch piece with cut down the middle electrical electrical tape as shown. wrap several times for added security.
4. test it out by putting airsoft bbs in the top and putting your finger over the top and blowing into the bendy part.
5. cover the straw in electrical tape to make it look cool

Step 6: Clips make a clip, take an airsoft bb and wrap cut in half electrical tape around it until it fits very snug into a mcdonalds straw.
2. wrap electrical tape around the other side of the straw until it fits snugly into the 2 inch piece. mark about an inch up the area of the clip where it should not be pushed past. plug the clips with paper to carry around.

Step 7: Finished!

 now go have fun and remember to wear your airsoft glasses
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