Introduction: "for You" Necklace

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sooo, I was thinking of something to make, and like a lot of you must have, ive got a box of junk that I think I can make something out of. I had a good rummage and this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

scrap of wood
old spoon
old chain
seriously strong glue


Step 2: Spoon Pendant Part 1

I took the spoon and cut off the handle leaving a little on the bowl part to bend around (with pliers) to make a loop for the chain. I also hammered it slightly to make it a bit flatter, but not too much.

Step 3: Spoon Pendant Part 2

I then used some heavy duty glue to stick the little message into the spoon. you can see the glue around the edges but ill sort that out later, when its properly dry.

Step 4: Wing Pendant Part 1

take a small scrap of wood and draw the shape of the wing. use the jigsaw to cut the rough shape. do this for a top veiw and a side view. I then used my dremel to sand it to the correct shape and etch in the feathers.

Step 5: Wing Pendant Part 2

the wood I used was quite light and I wanted a darker
look, so I stained it with some strong coffee and sxorched it a little with a lighter. once it was dry I rubbed in a little wax.
this is were I had to make a small repair because the tip snapped off. it doesnt really notice tho.
finally I screwed in an eyelet to put the chain through.

Step 6: Divider

the pendants hung too close together and looked weird so I made a divider.
I took the rest of the spoon handle and bent it around a screwdriver (with pliers and a hammer) like a spring.

Step 7: Done

this is the finished product once I assembled the necklace.
I think it looks quite good for a first attempt

Step 8: Edit

has since been divided into a "wooden wing" necklace and a "for you" keyring, apparantly it was too heavy and kept jingling lol, oh well

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