Very Simple Iron Man Reactor!!!

Introduction: Very Simple Iron Man Reactor!!!

how to build a reactor in a few minutes

Step 1: Material

empty jar hand cream palmolive / or glisolid
(I used white, but red is better)
circular LED light for car
12v battery and battery holder
translucent polycarbonate sheet
metallic silver spray paint
sheet of paper with printing design

Step 2:

remove the labels
it slightly abrade the coloring part
mask with gummed paper, the parts that you not need to color,
spraying metallic paint,
return the pattern on the back of the jar,
with the cutter carve the design on the jar
cut a polycarbonate disk
paste it into
cut out the design of cardboard and paste it behind the polycarbonate
as in figure

Step 3: Light

connect an LED ring to a mini 12V 12V battery, if you prefer you can place a switch

Step 4:


to attach it to a shirt just unscrew the lid to put the back with the lights and circuits in front, behind and screw the lid closed gently ;)

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