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I made a rube goldberg machine. It is made up of small simple machines. These include levers, pulleys, ramps, and more. I used a large assortment of materials to make it. Some of these include Legos, tinker toys, cardboard, tape, string, dominos, and a train. 

I got the idea from my physics teacher. I worked with 2 friends from school. Our plans changed many times as we worked. At the beginning we only had around 5-6 steps. When it was finished we had thought of many more.

It was built at my house. We worked on it at school by coming up with ideas for steps during lunch.  

The biggest challenges were getting some of the steps to work. I am proudest of the ATAT. If I had to do it again, I would eliminate some of the harder steps such as the zip line, and add in others. 

Step 1: Train Car Goes Down Track

Step 2: Train Car Crashes Into Platform With Water Bottle on Top and Knocks It Over

Step 3: Weight of Water Bottle Pulls String Holding the Marble and Releases It

Step 4: Marble Rolls Down Track and Glass

Step 5: Marble Hits Lever and Rotates the Pivot With Rubber Band

Step 6: Rubber Band Pulls Bottom of Tower and Knocks It Down

Step 7: Top of Tower Hits Golf Ball and Sends It Down the Rack

Step 8: Golfball Starts the Lego ATAT Walker

Step 9: Walker Starts Marbles on the Track

Step 10: Marbles Hit and Knock Down Grey Lego Plate Holding the Cutter Arm

Step 11: Cutter Slices the String Holding the Bucket at the Top of the Zipline

Step 12: Bucket Slides Down Zipline

Step 13: Bucket Knocks Over the First Domino

Step 14: Final Domino Knocks Tennis Ball Into Tube

Step 15: Tennis Ball Hits the Easy Button at Bottom of Tube

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