Introduction: Vw Camper Decoupage Custom Bulli Van Bus Aircooled Clock Picture Frame.

All upcycled. You could do it with Beetles too.
This isn't for complete novices, a little craft experience and imagination can help. If not, ask me.

Step 1: Collect Clippings

snip out a selection of your favourite dubs.

Step 2: Design

sketch out your template, or download an image.
Transfer onto heavy card. remove Windows and lights with craftknife, to be able to trace onto backboard.
Oops, the cat chewed one corner!

Step 3: Backboard.

Upcycle piece of hardboard, mdf or thin ply. I found a drawer bottom, with light water damage. Cut with jigsaw, keysaw, or hacksaw blade.
Cut out window hole. For ease and strength, I made a bay window, then cut an I shape to make splitty. Fine sand the edges.

Step 4: Nose

Cut arcs and lights from heavy card. Bumper and badge, as you please.

Step 5: Start Sticking.

Trim your pics to merge nicely, I used stick glue, but pva is normally best.
Fold over edges and overlay pics to your taste.

Step 6: Backboard Covering

cover areas that will be seen after nose arcs are added.

Step 7: Testing...

Dry-fit your nose, check it all fits, then Glue! Pva, hot gun or stick, they'll all do.

Step 8: Windows.

Choose your window-view, stick on heavy card, trim to fit, and add from behind.

Step 9: Clock Mech. (optional)

If you have a clock lying around, measure to find middle of shape, drill hole to take clock shaft. ( carefully, from both sides).
This can be done sooner.

If the hands are not clearly visible, add you own design to enhance them.

Step 10: Finished.

Add a fastener, or loop to hang. use your imagination, whatever is to hand.
With clock, fit hands to shaft, and enjoy!

Step 11: Ta-da!

if you used Pva glue, the finish may well be glossy enough, otherwise spray with clear varnish coat.
Keep on dubbing!!