Wall of Windows / Room Partition

Introduction: Wall of Windows / Room Partition

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So this is a no-brainer, but what I consider to be a clever idea to create a room-within-a-room as it were in a very small apartment, without the light-eclipsing consequences of building new walls.


Bunch of old windows (glass optional) (I found mine dumpster diving and in an old abandoned hospital)

Hooks (enough to cover you on all four corners of each window (or two corners for the windows at the bottom. In my case (see photos) I needed 16 hooks. You need thick sturdy ones that will handle the weight of the windows. Eye hooks will also work as long as you have S-hooks or hook hooks to correspond with them)

Drill (with wood bit for window frames and (insert relevant material here) bit for ceiling

Chain (optional)

Four (or amount applicable) Very Heavy Duty hooks for the ceiling with dowels/wall plugs. In my case I needed those (heaven knows what they are called) hooks with added thingamajingys that sproing out for extra stabililty 'coz my ceiling is some odd drywall business. Basically ask at your hardware store, usually the process for these is drilling a HUGE hole, folding the metal wings together onto the screw and inserting in wall, and then releasing where they install themselves on the perimeter of the hole to stabilize)

Step 1: Installin' the Wall.

Measure holes. (remember, holes will need to correspond between hooks for windows and the hooks on the ceiling)

Screw in hooks to windows.

If you have strangely shaped windows (like mine) you will need some chain to even out the distance from hook to ceiling without having to hang them crooked. Measure accordingly.

Drill drill drill.

Install hooks in ceiling and windows.

Hang hang hang.

(Best to have a pal around to help if your windows have glass)


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