Introduction: Washcloth Evangelist

I've decided that it's my job to tell the world about the wonderfulness of hand-knit washcloths. (You could call them facecloths if you really wanted to.)

They are so good! Handmade washcloths are the prefect combination of simple and fancy. They couldn't be more basic in construction, but there's something "spa" about them too, especially when done up in plain white cotton. And they feel wonderful. They are gently exfoliating, stretchy and they suds up really well. I love 'em.

You should make one, because you can. They are really easy. It could even be your first knitting project.

This is how I made mine:
Sugar 'n Cream white cotton, which you can get at even the most basic of fabric/craft stores.
Size 8 bamboo needles
Cast on 34 stitches
Did about 8 rows garter stitch
Worked the basketweave stitchbasketweave stitch (although I used 2 and 4 instead of 4 and 4 as in the link). Started and ended each row in 4 stitches or garter stitch for a border.
Ended in 8 rows of garter stitch when it looked square.

Things you could do differently:
If you want to be super simple or you want this to be your fist knitting project ever, don't worry about pattern. Just use garter stitch (knit every row).
If you have cotton kitchen twine, you could use that.
Try a different fiber--use hemp!
Use a different size needle -- smaller for a stiffer fabric, larger for a looser fabric.
Use a different fancy stitch.