Watch + Weather Station




Introduction: Watch + Weather Station

Main idea was taken from Mini-weather-station-with-Attiny85

My idea was to create small portable watch with following features:

- show time and date

- show internal clock temperature and atmospheric preassure (and altitude)

- get rf (433mhz) data of temperature and humidity from small device based on attiny85

- save data of temperature, humidity, preassure and altitude of last 24h and last 60 min.

-show graphics of temperature, humidity, preassure and altitude of last 24h and last 60 min.

Step 1: Components and Wiring

components of watch

Arduino nano

watch module ds3231

rf module 433 mhz

barometer bmp180

display oled по SPI 128x64

accumulator li-ion (from mp3 player)

2 x tact switch

on/off switch

components of termometer:

board digispark attiny85 microusb

termometer dht11 модуль

tranceiver 433mhz.

Step 2: Compacting Watch

elements of watch was compact wired and fixed, then plased into fiberglass box

Step 3: Wireless Termometer

power of board was 2x 18650, that gives 7,4v to the board and rf module. power can be much smaller? for example 2x tablet battery. i used usual antenna ~18,5 cm

instead of dht 11 you can use dht22 for more accurate values. you can use other sensors that canconnect with digispark (note that sketch must be less 6kb fo attuny85 !)

sketch is pretty simple and based on Manchester.h library (virtualWire library too heavy for attuny85)

for booting sketch into digispark attiny85 you need special arduino IDE (for example Digispark-Arduino-1.0.4)

Step 4: Watch Sketch

sketch is yet raw and need to be modified, but works without bugs.

modes of watch changes by pressing A button

data of t,h, baro and alt saves in EEPROM every minute (contain 60 cells for last hour) and every hour (contain 24 cell for last day)

grafics plots by dots from right to left (from newer to older data). scale of T24 plot can be zoomed by pressing B button

Step 5: Conclusion

this project is still unfinished, and need to be modified

distance of rf connecting is just 4-5m, how to increase this distance??

for power saving wacth must have slipping mode and must waken by pressing button. how to realise it?


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    6 years ago

    Please modify the code for OLED I2C !.
    Thank you very much.


    7 years ago

    can i buy one


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The sleeping mode is not that difficult, set it so that it reacts to a pin interrupt and then ad a switch to that pin.


    7 years ago

    Добрый день. Замечательный проект! Буду собирать по Вашей инструкции) А что касательно увеличения дальности приема/передачи - в моем случае помогла замена самодельной антенны на спиральные покупные. Например на такие

    Brilliant, will build this... one thing... would be great to add in thermometer to base device so as to have Inside / Outside Temp... anyone done this...?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Normally, one sets the barometric pressure on an altimeter to read altitude. Conversely, if you knew the altitude, you could derive the pressure. However, no one instrument I know of will provide both barometric pressure and pressure altitude concurrently. Therefore, I am confused by your claim that the device will provide both pressure and altitude.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    hi! the watch module is ds3231 or ds1307? thanks